The Fiscal Council and the Ministry of Finance have signed a cooperation agreement February 16, 2018

Chair of the Fiscal Council Raul Eamets and Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste signed a cooperation agreement on 14 February to coordinate information exchange between the council and the ministry.

The Fiscal Council started work in spring 2014, and the cooperation agreement reflects the principles of best practice that have been established since then for inter-institutional relations. Signing the cooperation agreement does not imply any changes to the statutes of the Fiscal Council.

Chair of the Fiscal Council Raul Eamets said it was important for the Fiscal Council to be able to carry out the duties given to it by the State Budget Act in the manner and within the time foreseen. Signing the agreement will help ensure that the opinions of the Fiscal Council can be properly considered when state budget policy is set.

The content of the cooperation agreement can be found here: 2018_cooperation_agreement.pdf